So you've received your fine art print, now how to display it? Here's a few tips about the prints and getting them up where we want them - your walls!


I've ordered my print, when can I expect it to arrive?

Upon checkout you will see your shipping options which include a timeframe for delivery to your city or country. Please read more on our Shipping Information page. If you are unsure of your delivery time or concerned of its whereabouts, (or any other query for that matter...) no problems! Please email hello@meghanplowman.com and we will gladly assist until your prints have arrived safely on your doorstep.

What sort of paper do you use and how do I properly care for it?

We have sourced the highest quality paper especially designed for fine art photographs. It's a 310gsm cotton paper stock (that's thick!) and a museum grade quality. The colours are beautifully rich and the paper is delicate which is why we wrap it with acid free tissue and materials. Upon receiving your larger prints in an art tube, you will notice they are tightly rolled and carefully packaged. If you are having your print professionally framed, then your framer will flatten accordingly, but if you choose to frame yourself, here are a couple of steps for a nice flat print ready to go:

 - Unroll your print carefully from the art tube and lay the print out somewhere safe and dry.

- If desired, place a sheet of clean tissue paper over the print and weigh down edges evenly to help flatten. This should be evenly flat in a few days.

Tip - if using tape or a matt board make sure it's the acid free kind to ensure the longevity of your art print.

Do you have any advice for framing my print?

To ensure the life and quality of your fine art print, we recommend you have your image framed professionally with mattboards and your choice of frame with either glass or perspex. If you are framing with a store bought frame, we would strongly recommend your framer mount the image with an acid free matt board first. The matt gives the image surface space to breathe whilst protecting the image and keeping it secure.

Since the prints are 'A' paper sizes there are a range of terrific ready made frames they will suit, but do keep in mind that displayed with or without matt boards will affect your total visiable area of the print.  Here's a guide to some sizing we recommend for a good fit.

Timber magnetic hangers
A1 - A4 sizes, available right here.

Ready Made Frame Guide

A1 will fit a 60cm x 90cm RIBBA IKEA frame or an A1 poster frame

A2 will suit a 50cm x 70cm RIBBA IKEA frame or an A2 poster frame

A3 will suit a 40cm x 50cm RIBBA IKEA frame or an A3 poster frame

A4 will suit a 30cm x 40cm RIBBA IKEA frame or an A4 poster frame

We love knowing these prints are framed and well looked after! If you'd like your prints framed exactly as you see on the website please enquire with us hello@meghanplowman.com

Alternatively, please seek the guidance of your local professional framer who will be able to help you with framing the prints how you choose.